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Welcome to February 2008 "Monthly Insights".

I always think of February as the month of the heart. February is a month for sending notes of love to others near and dear to you. My work as a coach is full of heart. The most rewarding part of my work is to help my clients create lives that are heartfelt, happy, and fulfilling. I love to witness and champion clients' growth, and see them live extraordinary lives!

This month Dr. Phuli Cohan shares insights that lead to profound change!

Happy Valentines Day!
Lee Estridge

Honoring the "Pause"

Phuli Cohan, MD

When I met Lee, I was moving so fast that there was no time to pause and appreciate my own achievements or the beauty in my life. I was what most people would consider to be a successful individual. I had a great family, interesting work, and independence, but I was always in a rush, trying to fit in everything. Over the years, I'd lived on five continents, created a family of six children, worked as an emergency medicine physician, a disaster relief physician, and practiced acupuncture. In short, I was in the super fast lane. I made a commitment to myself that when I turned 50, I would slow it all down. I had the sense that I was moving too fast, but despite yoga and meditation, it was hard to slow it down. So, I hired Lee. 

Lee helped me see how my automatic behaviors of trying to do it all were actually holding me back from living my life to the fullest. The first step was to reflect on what I truly wanted to do, day by day. Lee helped me learn how to nurture myself and listen to my inner voice. As the changes in my own behavior evolved, I began to understand myself and those around me with greater clarity. This impacted my personal and professional life in profound ways. I was the same person, but my whole world was changing before my eyes in very positive ways.

I realized that my dream was to expand my work in women's health, while taking more time for my family and myself. While working with Lee, I completed my *book about women's health, and developed an Internet vitamin line and chat center for women. I now teach women how to honor menopause as a time of reflection and an opportunity to grow.

These days I check in with Lee on a monthly basis to make sure that I stay true to myself while working on my mission of helping women feel better. As I plan workshops and speaking engagements, we weigh the benefits for me and my work, making sure that I am not taking on too much, and that I delegate effectively. My time with Lee helps me stay on course, and helps me to pace my life. I'm no longer on autopilot taking on every new cause. I can take the time to contemplate the best use of my time and energy. Thanks to Lee, I've learned to give myself pause and emotional space to prioritize my life in a balanced and thoughtful manner. I am happy and living life fully!


*"The Natural Hormone Makeover" (Wiley, 2008)