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Lee specializes in coaching business, legal, medical and creative professionals to achieve new levels of awareness in their work and personal lives. She works with people of all ages, from their 20's to their 60's, from the new entrepreneur to the CEO, from the aspiring creative artist to the author of multiple books.  She also works with teams and uses her knowledge of behavior to help teams communicate with each other more effectively and become a high functioning team. Lee also helps entrepreneurs make critical hiring decisions.

"Helping people realize their full potential is a lifelong passion for me," Lee says. "I'm passionate about understanding myself and others and what makes us tick."

Starting on her own deep delve into self at the age of 27, Lee has spent over thirty years helping people see their own potential more clearly. "That’s one of my gifts," she says. "I can discern if people have what it takes to reach their potential. All people deserve an opportunity to live their dream, and it's my job to help them."

Lee is uniquely qualified to help individuals set and attain goals and to maximize productivity, professional satisfaction, communication and success. She is an accomplished entrepreneur who launched and developed a successful business that she led for over 15 years. One day she found herself at a crossroads where she recognized her need for greater balance and fulfillment in her life. When she reflected on what she had enjoyed most about her work to date, she realized it was her work encouraging others to find fulfillment and be successful. In 1997, she decided to make a change and become a personal life coach. Whatever issues come up with her clients, Lee has been there—she walks her talk and she taps into the wellspring within her of what she's experienced in her own life.

Lee's business experience and her certification as an Enneagram teacher combine seamlessly with her natural abilities as an intuitive and supportive listener and “no-nonsense” coach. Her subsequent battle with breast cancer has given her even deeper insight into the role of behavior in health. Her goal is to help her clients increase their understanding of themselves and other people so they can live more fulfilling lives, improve communication and remove any obstacles to personal and professional success.