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Lee on Life

During some of the recent rainy days, I took the opportunity to think about my views on life. This month, for your reading pleasure, I've penned my springtime musings. Enjoy!

Life Workshop

I don't classify things in life as good or bad or right or wrong. Everything that happens is a learning opportunity, a workshop. I believe we are the artists of our lives and have the ability to create any life we desire.

Life Transitions

Life changes when different chapters arrive and priorities shift. Transitions are an inevitable process and happen over time. I know it sounds obvious, but often it's difficult to see a transition as it's happening. Seeking help allows us to see above the fog of change.


It's our responsibility to understand that we need to heal our wounds from the past in order to move forward without baggage.

Living Consciously

We need to develop great tools that help us weather any storm. Understanding how our internal operating system works helps us make conscious choices in our lives.

Enjoying the Ride

Most of all, we need to have fun and enjoy the ride. Never take any day for granted, as each day is a gift. We are here for a short time and never know our ultimate schedule. Love, learn the lessons, and enjoy each day. Leave something meaningful behind so that you know deep in your heart that you lived a life well lived.

Free Consultation

I invite you to share your challenges with me and see if I can help you along your life path. I offer a complementary telephone consultation during which I am happy to listen to you and make suggestions on how you can accomplish what you are looking to achieve in your professional and personal life.