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A Life Without Regrets?

A Reflective August
August is a distinct month, one that has its own unique tenor. Ostensibly a time for vacations, it's also a pivotal month, a launching pad of sorts. For some individuals, August is a time to reflect and plan for the upcoming autumn season. For others, it's a time of transition and change - sending a child off to college, shifting business goals for the last quarter of the year, taking time off to visit friends and family, visiting new places, and so on. What if you took time this month to think about what life would be life if you had no regrets?

Of course, everyone has annoying regrets like, "I wish I bought the fuel-efficient car instead of the luxury car." I think we're all destined to have a certain number of these types of regrets, and hopefully we learn from them and move on. The type of regrets I'm referring to are the big ones, the ones that you can't change or explain away; regrets that you might not have realized were in the making until it was too late.

In keeping with the off-the-beaten path quality of this month, I've opted to forgo my usual "Monthly Insights" column, and instead I'll share with you my thoughts about what life would be like if you had no regrets.

Walking Through the Door?
An aspect of everyday life that most of us can related to is the feeling that life is moving fast. Like most clichés, "time is flying" has a layer of truth in it, and it helps us wake up to the fact that if we are not deliberate about the way we choose to live our lives, we could miss tremendous opportunities for growth and joy. Often, a door opens in our lives, and we choose to walk through it, not walk through it, or ignore that it's even open. Eventually, if we wait long enough, the door closes and we've made a decision, like it or not.

Opportunity for Choice
Each of us has the right to pursue our dreams and experience the joy of choosing to walk through a door that perhaps leads to a more fulfilling life. The irony of pursuing our dreams is that we attain them through very ordinary, concrete steps that lead to profound change. For many of us, taking those steps seems overwhelming or just beyond our reach. Having a plan and someone to hold us accountable to our plan helps us make conscious and healthy decisions that support change. Ultimately, each step we take that is conscious and goal driven leads us to a more fulfilling life, perhaps even a life without regrets.

Happy August!



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