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Monthly Insights


I am writing this "Monthly Insights" on an unseasonably cold day in Cancun, Mexico. As I sit near the window looking out at the ocean, I'm realizing that taking breaks from the Boston winter is very important to me because it gives me the opportunity to have quality sweetheart time with my husband, Ken. My mid-winter break also opens up time and space for me to think expansively about my personal and professional life, giving me the long-view of my journey. As a coach, I believe it's important for me to review my own life so that I can stay focused and centered on what's important to me. This personal vista provides the terra firma, or firm ground, for me to help my clients stay true to their goals and dreams.

Choice vs. Auto-Pilot
While a relaxing vacation is on many levels a gift to myself, there's a larger gift that the universe sent to me this week. This gift arrived each time I thanked the staff at the hotel here in Mexico. Although the staff had clearly been well trained to deliver superior customer service, I couldn't help but notice that each of them exuded a positive attitude about their job. It's easy to simply label their responses as auto-pilot service sector-speak, but my sense was that each time I heard, "It's my pleasure," the words carried the sentiment. These staff chose their attitudes. This choice is the key to moving forward our lives. No matter what's going on in the world, our attitudes are always our own choice.

Facing Challenges

Each of us faces personal, professional, and larger shared challenges (e.g. the economy). I've had the pleasure of witnessing the courageous choices many of my clients have made in their lives in response to challenges. No matter what was going on in the larger world, each client who moved forward shared one commonality: They chose their attitudes.

Keep your attitude positive and stay true to your heart. Best wishes for Valentine's Day.

Warm Regards,
Lee Estidge

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