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The purpose of Lee's coaching is to give you the tools you need to be independent by increasing your emotional awareness so that you can become the authority on your own life. She provides methodologies so you won't slip back into your comfort zone but will continue to work toward your goals and reach your dreams. "To me," Lee says, "it’s about having the tools to deal with every situation that comes your way so you can jump the hurdles yourself."


Lee Estridge has many years experience bringing coaching to a wide variety of people. Listen to Lee talk about her first meeting.

Getting Started
Starting with an informational questionnaire, you'll explore many issues meant to reveal how you view the world in general and yourself in particular. You'll take some time to thoughtfully get down on paper your accomplishments, passions, aspirations, and goals.

Foundational Interview
Lee will use your confidential questionnaire material during a detailed, in-person foundational interview that can take up to three hours. These initial steps are meant to make you comfortable with coaching and to bring Lee up-to-speed on where you are at this moment in your life.

The next step is an assessment of your place on the Enneagram, a highly effective tool for determining what motivates you from the inside out. The Enneagram also helps you and Lee build a map of your emotional and behavioral life This, combined with some assessment of the learning style you are most comfortable with—visual, auditory, or kenesthetic—allows Lee to adjust her coaching to your individual needs.

Monthly Sessions
From then on, you'll work with Lee for two or more hours each month, generally over the phone. However, for local clients, she also does face-to-face sessions. This time can be divided up into increments in whatever way is most convenient and effective for you. Before each session, you'll fill out a TeleFOCUS target form, which gives Lee a snapshot of what you're hoping to accomplish and what obstacles you're striving to overcome.

Lee requires a three-month minimum commitment to coaching, however, it usually takes six months to a year for self-discovery and change to truly take hold. Many clients continue to work with Lee for years and find her to be a valuable sounding board and thought partner. 

What You'll Experience:

  • Increased awareness of your own automatic behaviors
  • A better understanding of how emotional awareness can shape behavior
  • Strengthen your ability to see yourself as others might see and experience you
  • A deeper ability to respond rather than react
  • Greater control over the achievement of goals
  • Progress toward realizing your dreams