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The client / coach match needs to be a strong fit. Lee Estridge has worked successfully with all kinds of people from all walks of life and with many different types of companies, but they all share certain characteristics.

  • They are intellectually bright, and excited about learning and growing personally and professionally.
  • They have a thirst for knowledge about how they come across to others.
  • They want to learn about other people.
  • They are successful.
  • They are experiencing some sort of life transition or growth spurt.
  • They are looking for deeper meaning in their lives and are eager to have a thought partner and guide for their journey.

Lee's clients run the full range of professions. From CEOs, to medical doctors, to creative professionals, to entrepreneurs, they’re coming to Lee because they want to look at themselves more deeply. They want to understand more objectively how other people see them. They want to develop their emotional intelligence, their leadership skills and their intuition.

Lee is a firm believer that the coach and the client need to resonate together. It’s the same kind of energetic feeling you have when you make a new friend. As in any good relationship, trust has to be established and communication has to be honest and clear. Then, the sky’s the limit! Your progress will be rapid and fruitful when you’ve made that connection with just the right coach. Talk to Lee Estridge to see if she’s the right fit for you.