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Make Your Dreams Happen

It's the first of the year - an opportunity to get clear on what you would like 2011 to manifest for you. I love to create a loose-leaf book that I call, "Dreams to Reality". I put in poster paper stock. At the top of each page, I name the different categories of my life: work, family, friendships, travel, etc.

My first step is to get clear on the big items of the year and write them down. Then I decide what category in my life I want to focus on first. Then I look through magazines, the internet or other places that visually inspire me. I make a collection envelope to put all my findings in. These can be photos, words or anything inspiring to me. The sky is the limit! Once I have collected the items, I begin to create my pages. This is a right brain exercise that really works. If you are a left-brain person it can be a stretch, but stretching is what life is all about when you want to grow. I have found when clients take this project seriously, the wishes they have gotten clear about manifesting come to life.

I recommend doing this with a friend, lover or spouse. If you have children, it's a great way to spend quality time doing a fun project together. It's also a wonderful way to teach them about life planning.

As an example, my husband and I wanted a new home with more bathrooms and office space for both of us. We worked together on the above project and had great success. We started with a list of features we wanted and then found images to bring those features to life. When we walked into our new home, we said, "This is it! It looks just like the pictures of what we said we wanted!"

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