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Lee Estridge Among Top 10 Coaches of the Year
Boston Women's Business Journal

I'm happy and proud to report to you that the Boston Women's Business Journal has named me as one of the top ten coaches of 2008. The selection process for this designation was very competitive, and I could not have earned this distinction without the vote of confidence from my supporters - clients, colleagues, and associates. Thank you all for your love and support!

Summertime Challenge

I'm always moved by the heart-wrenching work many of my clients choose to take on. I am honored to be invited into their lives at these extordinary and at times scary moments. Summer may feel like an odd time to take on challenging personal and professional work, but there's no time like the present if you're ready to take the great leap of faith in yourself. So, if the sunny, beautiful days of summer motivate you to take on a challenge in your life that you've been putting off, consider calling me for a free phone consultation.

Free Phone Consultation

For those of you who haven't worked with me, but are interested in learning how to move forward in your life, I'm offering a free phone consultation during the month of July. I hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to start creating insights that lead to profound change!


Difficult Choices, Better Living
Rachel Ryan

Cultural Differences

I first contacted Lee because I knew I had some serious decisions to make, but I wasn't sure where to start or how to prioritize the issues. As the mother of two small children, I knew that whatever decisions I made, I wanted to be the best possible parent to my kids. This desire proved to be one of my anchors through some very turbulent and daunting moments.

I started out my work with Lee thinking that my career was the source of all my stress and angst about life. Lee helped me see that my domestic life was a source of tremendous interpersonal conflict. My partner and I came from very different cultures and educational backgrounds, none of which mattered much until we had children. Slowly, I began to realize that my partner was expecting me to fulfill the role of a traditional stay-at-home mom while also carrying the responsibility of being the major breadwinner in the family. The enormous pressure of managing my time at work and home, and paying the bills, was impossible to manage. Something had to change! After careful consideration and thoughtful planning, I bravely separated from my partner and became a single mom. Lee helped me through that very exhausting and difficult time, and showed me that I could in fact separate from my partner without my kids losing their Dad.

A New Path

Interestingly, my professional life ran parallel to my domestic life. I had worked for a company for over 12 years, and for quite some time I felt tremendously frustrated operating in an environment full of needless conflict. I was no longer interested in the work, felt stagnant professionally, and was compromising my values and professional aspirations. Again, I was in an environment where the culture pushed me far from my comfort zone. So, after three years of living as a single mom, I decided to leave my job and launch my own consulting company. Lee helped me understand how to leave in a manner that felt appropriate and true to my own values.

A Clear Mind

Four years have gone by since I started working with Lee, and I can say with confidence that Lee's honest and thoughtful support has given me permission to make bold, life-altering decisions. Because my mind is clear and I'm a happier person, I'm better able to manage all the demands of being a working mother and an entrepreneur. My lifestyle and professional commitments are steadily evolving to align with my values and aspirations, and my consulting company is starting to do very well. Life is indeed good! My friends, including Lee, have been a huge support to me, especially in my life as a parent. Lee continues to be a treasured presence in my life.