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Monthly Insights

Waking up to life

Yes, it's true, each morning the alarm clock rings and we wake up to a new day. But are we truly awake? For some of us, we walk through each day in a trance, going through the motions of life: using cell phones, computers, watching TV, listening to iPods and other gadgets that takes us away from being present. Are we paying attention to our lives? Seeing the beauty around us? Communicating in real time with real people? Are we communicating with ourselves? Do we know what our goals are in life?

Profound Events, Simple Truths
During the past few months, several friends and colleagues have shared with me their stories of how they woke up to their own lives. I'll share three of those stories with you, as they are truly remarkable instances of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. To protect their privacy, I've changed the names of the individuals involved in each story.

Message From Beyond
Frank, a successful businessman in his mid 40's, suffered a heart attack in his 40's and was pronounced dead. Eight minutes later he was resuscitated and conscious. As Frank told me about his journey into death and back into life, I could see that he was deeply affected by his experience. He went on to tell me that dying and coming back from the dead forced him to look at his life on a much deeper level. Since then he has made significant changes in his life and takes time out every day to reflect on the events of the day.

To Lose Was To Gain
I had heard through a friend of mine that a mutual acquaintance named Phil had gone bankrupt and had lost his home to foreclosure. I immediately called him to see how he was doing. I was stunned to hear how calm and peaceful he was about his situation. I commented on his demeanor, and Phil paused and told me that while he was worried about where his life was heading, he was actively working on rebuilding his business and was temporarily living with a relative until he could get back on his feet. Though scared of the uncertainty of his future, Phil felt a depth to his life that he hadn't attended to previously.

Life Promoting Illness
A colleague of mine named Beth recently called me to let me know that she had been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer last year. That news was staggering to me, but I was also moved by the way in which she told her story. Beth shared with me the paradox of her battle with cancer. As she was being treated for cancer, she felt sick and very frightened of dying. But, as she neared the end of her chemo treatment, she felt profoundly grateful for her life and became mindful of the beauty in her experiences. Each goal, not matter how small, became the centerpiece of her daily endeavors.

Your Challenge
What would your life be like if you were truly awake? My hope is that rather than living through a life-threatening event, you could dedicate the time and effort to living your life fully in the present moment. Understanding the tools you need to deal with the challenges in your life can be difficult, but not beyond your reach. Challenges are neither good nor bad, they just are, and you can wake up to dealing with them and take them in stride.

Enjoy the last month of summer.
Warm Regards,
Lee Estridge.

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