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Welcome to June 2008 "Monthly Insights"

Mid-Year Check In with Lee Estridge

Believe or not, we're half-way through 2008! Many of my clients have set annual goals for themselves, and the long, sultry days of June offer a time to take stock of where they are with those goals. This month, the CEO of a web marketing company shares some of the highlights of how he merged his personal and professional goals.

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For those of you who haven't worked with me, but are interested in learning how to move forward in your life, I'm offering a free phone consultation during the month of June. I hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to start creating insights that lead to profound change!


Not Business As Usual

CEO of an Online Marketing Company

Early Success

My path has been somewhat unusual because I started my own business when I was in high school and continued to build it throughout college. By the time I landed in Lee's office at age 23, I'd already spent about a decade of my life cultivating my success as a business leader in the online marking sector. While I valued self-reflection, my day-to-day behaviors and assumptions about life weren't supporting a balanced life. In fact, I worked 70 - 90 hour weeks for years and was very adept at sizing up a situation and synergizing input from designers, business partners, and colleagues. Lee helped me realize that while I was an excellent strategist, I was leaving myself out of the equation. I needed to figure out how to slow down, understand what drove my behaviors, and start living my life in a way that supported my own personal happiness and well-being.

Leader and Teacher

At a very basic level, Lee helped me create time for my own self-care. In fact, a small, but significant step towards living a more integrated life began when I started a personal calendar and merged it with my professional schedule. Time spent at the gym or "down time" became real commitments, not to be overshadowed by my professional schedule. Along with living a more integrated life, I also started to share my own agenda rather than automatically going with the flow. Interestingly, by asserting my preferences and judgments, I also became less of a problem solver and more of a supportive presence in my personal and professional spheres. As I became less judgmental towards others and myself, I found that I had new mental and emotional space in my life. For example, rather than solving my employee's issues, I taught them the skills that enabled them to develop respect for their talents and value within the company. Each accomplishment was embraced, and the working environment became a supportive space for employees. Staff members became more productive and happier, and this positive energy translated into higher quality service for our customers. Staff retention continues to be excellent, and loyalty to the firm is part of the company culture.

Successful Balance

Knowing that I wanted a more balanced life, and then setting goals based on what I wanted sounds easy, but for me it was an eye-opening experience. Ironically, as I evolved as a leader and allowed myself to live more fully, my business grew from five to twenty-two employees. This translated into significant financial growth: $500,000 to $2,000,000 within two years. On a more personal level, my goal of living a balanced life meant that I took more vacations, and had work-free weekends. I also became more socially active and gave myself permission to read, write, and reflect on topics that interested me. My work with Lee has truly changed my life and the evolution of my company.