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Create your picture perfect life!

This is Your Life
Most conventional wisdom tells us that the more we read, talk, think, act, and live our lives, our ability to know who we are and what we're doing in life evolves. This linear logic drives much of our decisions about our daily travels, and for the most part, it's a sound approach. If, though, you think beyond the logistics of daily life, and muse about where you will be in five or ten years, it can become challenging to really see yourself.

Talking Without Words
Everyone that I work with shares a common goal--they're all committed to creating a deeper understand of themselves so that they can see how their own behaviors influence and shape their lives. Part of this understanding includes seeing themselves as objectively as possible (not an easy task for sure) so that they can make choices that support their own growth. When I say, "seeing," I mean understanding, but I also mean literally "seeing" a picture of one's own life.

Creating the Picture
In our mind's eye we all have the capacity to see how we would like out lives to evolve, but often we need something outside of ourselves to anchor our vision. Creating a collage of your picture perfect life is an excellent way to concretize your five or ten year vision of your life. Simple cut out pictures, text, music; whatever you feel expresses your vision, and put it together on a piece of poster board. Sounds simple, but it only really means something if it resonates with your goals, desires, and dreams. Keep your collage in a place where you can regularly look at it and re-affirm your goals. Share your vision with a trusted friend who can check in with you from time to time and hold you accountable to your dreams.

Warm Regards,
Lee Estridge.

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