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World Wide Value Shift
Each of us has been affected by the complex and often unpredictable changes in the national and global economy. For many of us the changes have been very direct and sudden: job elimination, declining profits, and budgetary cuts in educational and community services. This worldwide paradigm shift invites us all to re-evaluate our spending habits, our social and entertainment activities, our grocery shopping patterns, our financial investments, and pretty much anything else you can add to the list. Change at this level often promotes self-reflection and a questioning of one's own values and priorities in life. Do you feel your values have changed? If so, how have they changed?

What Are You Offering?
Amidst the controversies and gloomy financial reports, there are, thankfully, stories of kindness, generosity, and understanding. Whether it's the restaurant owner who offers patrons the option of helping out in the restaurant in lieu of paying for their meals, or the dentist who negotiates reduced rates for patients who recently lost their jobs, there are countless stories to be shared. While economic recovery will undoubtedly grow from re-thinking the way we manage our money on a global level, individual lives will change and be re-built based on recognizing and re-evaluating our personal values.


30-Minute Tune Up

For the next 30 days, Lee if offering a 30-minute reduced fee session for her former clients. Anyone who's ever worked with Lee is eligible for this 30-minute re-evaluation tune up. There's no obligation beyond the meeting, so take some time to check-in with Lee about where you are in your life.