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Welcome to March 2008 "Monthly Insights".

I delight in asking my clients: "What is your life purpose and how does it influence your day-to-day living? Most importantly, how do you know that the purpose you've chosen is the right one for you?"

I have the honor and privilege of helping each of my clients reveal their life purpose. For me, March is a month of reawakening - we start to come out of hibernation and begin to think of rebirth and new life. Many of my clients seek to understand their life purpose, and my job as a coach is to help them see it clearly and live it to the fullest. I like to think of each insight as a step towards a more fulfilling life.

This month author Andrew Chaikin shares some of the insights and profound changes that helped him understand his life purpose.

Happy Spring!
Lee Estridge

Through the Looking Glass
Andrew Chaikin

Finding My Soul Mission-and My Soul Mate
I started working with Lee in 1998, about five years after the publication of my first book*. I'd been a space journalist since 1980, and in many ways I was accomplishing my professional goals as a writer. However, in my work with Lee it became clear to me that I needed to take the next step-living out what Lee called my soul mission: inspiring others with the adventure of space exploration and the wonders of the universe. First, I needed to begin to remove the obstacles I was putting in my own way. Lee helped me see how my own patterns of behavior got in the way and helped me "rewrite the script" and begin living my life to the fullest. Working with Lee over the last nine years, I have moved from taking on work that was offered to me by publishers to creating the projects that mattered to me. And there have been many times where Lee not only coached me, but also helped me sort through business decisions that fundamentally altered my professional path. Lee has also helped me to understand that one of the most important factors in a full and happy life is balance. I must make time for other creative pursuits, like making music, and for family, friends, and fun.

The Love Connection
Lee also helped me achieve my profound personal goal of finding a life partner. I began to see that I had a pattern of being in relationships that didn't give me what I wanted, and I realized that if I wanted to meet my soul mate, I would need to become more aware of how I was treating myself. Obvious though it sounds, I needed to discover that I would only succeed in my quest for a soul mate if I could recognize her, and be truly open to her, when she finally came along. And in early 2000, just two years after I began my work with Lee, I found her. Today we are happily married, and she is my best friend and my best collaborator in all aspects of my life.

All these years later, I still rely on Lee to help me see the best in myself. Having recently finished a long term multi-year project, I was feeling the void of having the project "disappear". My automatic behavior filled that void with anxiety. Lee did something very simple, but profound. She asked me to look in the mirror and describe what I saw. I scrutinized my image, took off my glasses, and finally my face relaxed. I saw in myself that I was doing what is most important to me. Lee continues to be one of my most valuable resources in living the life I want.

*"A Man on the Moon" (Viking Penguin, 1994 and 1998)