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Building Relationships and Generosity

Your Stories
Back in March I invited you to share your stories about how your values have changed these past few months, and how you or someone you know helped an individual in need. I'm happy to report that I was not disappointed! I heard from several members of our community, and will share two stories with you today.

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Lee Estridge

Building Relationships
I was heartened to hear from a well respected banking professional who is not only surviving, but also thriving in the current economic environment. This banker generously shared her approach to her daily routine. Here's her story:

When business is booming, phones are ringing, my schedule is full, and I smile while moving through my days. But often I forget how I actually got to such a great place in my life. These days I take some time each day to remind myself of five concepts that keep me focused.

1. Work harder and smarter--It's not enough to simply work long hours, I need to also be efficient with my time and work with clients whose needs I can meet. Generating detailed notes about my clients keeps it real for me and allows me to personalize my interactions with them.

2. Attitude, confidence, and persistence--I try to find the positive angle on everything I do, deliver my contributions with confidence, and be persistent, not aggressive, in my endeavors to add value to my clients' experiences.

3. Transactional vs. relationship builder--It's very easy to fall into the trap of delivering a product or service without actually knowing my clients' needs. Getting to know my clients and their business banking needs helps me build trust and encourages repeat business and referrals.

4. Be confident in my profession and products--I believe in the value of my profession, and have the vision to see how the products I represent can positively affect the path of a business owner.

5. Do what I say I'll do--This is obvious for sure, but I've found that reminding myself that following up and following through are the bedrock of relationship building in my professional life, and of course, in life overall.

This next story was sent to me by a colleague of mine who was moved by the way her husband reached out to a couple that he just met. Here's her story:

When Two Became Four
My husband and I had tickets to the Celtic Women's concert, so we decided to catch dinner before the show. While waiting for our table, we struck up a conversation with the couple standing next to us. Early on in the conversation, the couple revealed to us that although they had both recently lost their jobs, they were determined to have a great meal and enjoy the concert--especially since the concert tickets were a Christmas gift from their children. As fate would have it, the couple was seated before us. When they realized their table was big enough for four, they invited us to join them. My husband and I enjoyed our meal with our new friends who we knew we probably wouldn't see again. As the meal wrapped up and the bill arrived, my husband insisted on paying the entire bill. I thought his gesture was so nice, kind, and thoughtful, especially since he hardly knew the couple. In that moment, I felt that my husband knew the meaning of giving even during these hard economic times. I was, and still am, deeply grateful that my husband is in my life.

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