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Holiday Rx

Waking up to life

It's official-we've entered the hubbub of the holiday season, and many of us will be living our lives in overdrive mode during the next six weeks. Add to that hubbub the constant stream of messages imploring us to: manage our stress, prepare the perfect dinner party, buy the best gifts, escape to a vacation paradise, reach out to others, donate to charities, shop, buy, plan, organize, create.... and so on. For me, the beauty of the end of the year is that amidst the whirlwind of stuff, I make a point of tuning into my needs by setting aside brief interludes of reflection and planning. In fact, quiet reflection and acknowledging one's own needs is an unfamiliar activity for many of us, and for some of us, we were never taught to acknowledge our needs let alone express them.

Yes, we can fudge tuning in, but when we lose track of ourselves we wind up developing physical ailments or we feel disconnected from our significant others (or worse, resentful). In many cases tuning into to one's needs is the first step towards understanding larger, more intimidating issues. Often we rush to figuring out a solution to conflict in the workplace or friction in our personal relationships without first understanding what we really need. It's not enough to understand what someone else is asking of us. In fact, many a relationship has suffered due to one-way communication. This may all sound self-evident, but most likely each of us can think of an instance where we were not connected to our needs and despite our best efforts, something didn't work out. As we approach the last six weeks of 2009, consider what your life could be like if you tuned into your own needs.

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