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Before I called Lee, I had been in business 30 years or so. We were having significant personnel turnover, with the resulting problems: lower productivity, poor communication from crew to manager, crew to owner, and crew to client. Customer satisfaction was dropping. Profits were down. But the main issue was for the first time I was not enjoying myself. I did not need excuses—I needed the proverbial paradigm shift. So, I turned to Lee.

Lee made me realize that the real issue was that after 30 years with employees, I wasn’t connecting with my own people. That was no fun, and I had to fix that. Within the few months that Lee worked my leadership team on our communication issues and on developing a mission statement, I learned to scout out and hire just the right people—people I can grow the business around. It was almost a miracle how it worked out. It all started by asking Lee to help with a "basic" communication issue.

She worked with us to run effective meetings and on teamwork. As Lee and I did our work I knew what I had to do, did it and did not ever regret it. Many, or maybe most, small business people have their personal lives intimately intertwined with their business. I certainly do. Lee helped me improve my business, which improved my life. Try putting a value on that.

People that think they know all the answers might have successful businesses, but they may not have successful lives. Lee deals with successful people who are willing to ask for a second viewpoint, to work on issues and to be held accountable for the work that needs to be done. There is very little room for mediocrity these days. You have to stay ahead of the curve. I suppose I would say that if you are on the curve and you want to jump ahead, you should talk to Lee. I did—and my life is better for it.

Rog Sturgis

I started working with Lee in September 2002 after connecting with her at an AETNT meeting that summer. We worked together for more than three years, connecting monthly for most of that time.

As someone who tends to be too heavily focused on "doing," I was seeking more balance in my life. Lee and I understood each other very well. We are the same type, a "3" in the Enneagram system. When I met Lee, it was evident to me that she had been able to ameliorate many of these "3" tendencies in herself. I was ready to broaden my interests, and to do some spiritual healing work as well.

Lee helped me to look at what I value most. She then helped me to honor myself and be more in my power to create what I want, at work and in my personal life. Specifically, I was able to make changes at work that enabled me to feel more heartfelt and in control of what I was doing (not easy in a bureaucracy!). Lee helped me to embrace and celebrate what I call my spiritual and creative self, and to call on "Shantra" (my name) at work, not just in my private life.

My work with Lee facilitated my being clearer about who I am and therefore what I want to do after I retire from a successful 30-year career in arts administration. She enabled me to claim my work as a spiritual healer and to know that I'll know when it's time to bring closure to the former "career" and open new doors to the new one. Lee supported me in speaking my truth.

I’d recommend Lee to anyone who is ready to closely examine his or her life's meaning and priorities and work to be self-actualized in a deep and meaningful way in one's private as well as professional life.